You can now automate notifications to go out to your customers based on the event they booked themselves into or the plan they have purchased.

In this article, we will show you how to configure notifications for specific services or plans

To create a notification, you can follow the below steps:

  • Navigate to Setup > Notification

  • To create a notification, click on the New notification button on the top right

The system will direct you to create a notification, where you can enter the basic details like name, trigger group, trigger, etc

When you select any of the below trigger groups, you will see an option to select if the notification is applicable to specific services and plans or all services and plans

Trigger Group

Applies to

Applies to


All active appointments

Selected appointments


All active classes

Selected classes


All active courses

Selected courses


All active memberships

Selected memberships

Once you select the trigger group, select if the notification goes out to all the services and plans or if you are creating it for a specific service or plan

If you want to send out the notification when a customer books into a particular service click on Applies to "Selected Appointments/Classes/Courses" and click on edit option

A pop-up will open up with all the services, select the service you would like to send this notification to and click on save changes

Select the trigger for this notification, and select other basic information like when you want this notification to be sent, the channel if it is an email, SMS or push notification, Message and click on create notification

The notification will be created and will only be triggered if the selected plan or service is booked


Let us see how to create an email notification to remind customers when they book into a deep stretch class

  • Notification Name: Deep stretch class: reminder

  • Trigger Group: Class

  • Applies to: Selected classes (Selected deep stretch class)

  • Trigger: Class starting reminder

  • Send before: 2 hours

  • Send to: Contacts

  • Channel: Email

  • Message: Enter the email subject and the message

  • Do not disturb window: 12 am to 12 am

  • Click on create notification

The notification will be created

If you need any assistance to create a notification specific to a service or a plan, please reach out to us via the chat icon 👉

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