In this article, we will be walking you through the icons you see on the CRM

🏠 Home

From this page, you can access the Dashboard and Tasks

  • Dashboard: This tab will give the employee who is logged in a summary of the events and the tasks scheduled for that day

  • Tasks: This tab will act as your personal task manager, On this page, you can add tasks for yourself or assign tasks to your staff members

📶 Reports

From this page, you can access the Analytics and Reports

  • Reports: On this page, you will be able to access all the reports to track and analyze the progress your business is making

  • Analytics: This tab will give you an insight into your location's business. You can view the financial summary of the location for a particular time period

🛒 Sell

You will be able to sell your services from this page

  • Point of Sale: This is the tab where you can select the services and products you want to sell to the customers, apply discounts and collect payments

  • Online store: This page has a link to your website portal which can be integrated with your website

📅 Calendar

You will be able to manage classes, appointments and events on this page

📇 Contacts

In Bookee contacts are divided into leads and customers

  • Leads: By default all new customers are added as leads, once they make a purchase they will be moved from leads to customers

  • Customer: You will be able to view and manage your existing customers on this page

🔧 Setup

If you want to add any data to the system, you will be able to do it under the setup tab

  • Services: Here, you will be able to add and manage your Pricing options, Class schedule, Gift cards, Courses & workshops, Appointment services, Video on demand and Facility

  • Products: Here, you will be able to add and manage your inventory

  • Discounts: Here, you will be able to define discounts codes that your customer can avail on services

  • Notification: Here, you will be able to automate all the emails your business sends. Like reminding customers of the upcoming class, waitlist slot availability, membership credit exhausted, subscription paused etc.,

  • Referral: Here, you will be able to set up a referral program for your business

  • Staff: Here, you will be able to add and manage all your team members

  • Payroll: Here, you will be able to set up and run your staff payroll

Add new

You can use this icon to quickly add new customers and leads. You can also use it to add and assign tasks to yourself or the other team members.

🔍 Search

You will be able to search and navigate to the customer profile from here without having to go to the Contacts page

🛍️ App store

This page shows the apps you can integrate with Bookee. To integrate with any app you can click on the app card

⚙️ Settings

All the settings to manage your location will be available here. You will also be able to access and design your website portal and customer app from this tab

👤 Account

This is where you can manage your account

  • Location of Region: For a multi-location business, you can switch to another location or add a new location from here

  • Help and Feedback: From here, you can access bookee knowledge base, see upcoming features, give feedback on feature requests, report bugs and see what's new on Bookee

  • Account: This is where you can check your Bookee subscription information, see billing cycles, purchase SMS credits and refer a business

⚓ Business Name and Location

At the bottom of the page, you will see the name of your business, location and region

Example: F10 Boxing is the name of the business, Chels 1 is the location and New York is the Region that the location is in

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