A customer will be able to purchase a shared membership online similar to any other membership plan but will not be able to add shared members to it.

Once the customer purchases the shared membership, they can add the family/ friends with whom they want to share this membership as a related contact

They can reach out to the studio to add the related contacts as shared members for the membership

To add shared members you can follow the below steps:

  • Navigate to the customer profile who purchased the membership using the universal search icon

  • In the customer profile, if the shared members are not added as related contacts you will first have to add them as related contacts by clicking on the 3 dots below the customer name and click on Add related contact

  • To add the shared members to the membership, click on the 3 dots beside the membership name and click on shared members

  • Sharing members pop up will show up where you can add the shared members by selecting the related contact from the drop-down

  • Click on save changes

The shared members will be added to this membership and this membership will reflect in the shared member's profile

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