If a customer has a duplicate account or multiple accounts, you can use the merge option in the contacts profile to merge all their accounts to a single profile.

In this article, we will be showing you

  1. How to merge contact accounts

  2. Example of a merged profile

  3. What to do if both the profiles have active subscriptions

1. How to merge a contact's profile:

To merge contact profiles you can follow the below steps:

  1. Navigate to the customer profile

  2. Click on the three dots below the customer details

  3. Click on Merge profile

A merge contact pop up will open up, where you can select the below details:

  • Merge with contact in: Select the location of the duplicate profile, if it is in the same location or other locations

  • Suggested account: Based on the location you have selected If there are other profiles with a similar email id in that location, they will show up here. You can simply click on the profile you want to merge

  • Search contact: If you do not see the duplicate account in suggestion use this field to search the account using customers name or email id and click on the customer profile once it shows up

  • Both the profiles will show up, select the account you want to set as the primary account (The other account will be merged with the primary account) and click on Megre Contacts

  • Confirm on the merge by clicking on Yes, Merge (as once the merge is completed, we will not be able to undo it)

Customer profiles will be merged and all the orders, bookings, memberships of the duplicate account will be transferred to the primary account.

Once the merge is completed, the customer can log in to the system using the existing password of the primary account

🚨 If any one of the profiles you are merging has an active subscription you will have to select that profile as the primary account.

A profile with an active subscription cannot be merged to another account.

ℹ️ System will retain the saved card in the primary account. If there is a saved card in the duplicate profile it will get permanently deleted.

2. Merge Customer Example:

3. What should you do if both the profiles you are merging have an active subscription?

If you are merging profiles in the same location and if the customer has an active subscription in both the profiles, you will first have to cancel the active subscription in one of the profiles and once the merge is completed you can sell them the same subscription by giving the start date same as the end date of the cancelled subscription

To cancel and sell the subscription you can follow the below steps:

  1. Go to the account you want to merge with the primary account and click on the 3 dots beside the subscription plan

  2. Select the cancel option and in the cancel pop up screen select cancel at the end of the current period

  3. Proceed to Merge the profiles and once the merge is complete you can sell the subscription we have cancelled by selecting the start date as the date the cancelled subscription ends

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