In Bookee, payroll for staff is calculated once the current pay period is completed. While calculating payroll system considers all the bookings (i.e., classes, appointments, courses) and cancellations against the staff and generates a payroll based on the pay rates set for them in the staff profile.

This is done to ensure the payroll data for the staff is accurate based on their schedule and bookings.

Payroll in fitness vs other industries

In payroll systems that are not made for fitness industries, you will have an option to generate payroll before the pay period ends as they only consider the hour's staff is scheduled to work and give projected values for that pay period. In this case, there can only be two scenarios

  1. That the staff has worked more than the projected hours or

  2. The staff has taken a leave or worked less than projected hours

For both the above cases, you will be able to deduct or add extra hours in the next payroll to compensate the staff for the last payroll hours

In Bookee, we do not have this option as the payroll can have multiple variables to consider while generating the payroll. Staff can have different pay rates set up for classes, courses, appointments where they could be paid based on the number of sessions they take or bookings per event or per course sale etc.

Once the payroll is run if there are any changes in that pay period, this data will be missed and would cause either over or under-compensation for the staff and it would become difficult to calculate the amount that has to be deducted or added to the staff in the next payroll.

Some of the scenarios that could arise after the payroll is run are listed below:

  1. New bookings (i.e., for classes, courses and appointments) might get added in that pay period after the payroll is run which would not be included in the payroll

  2. Existing bookings might get cancelled or staff might take an off, in this pay period after the payroll is run which would not reflect in the payroll and would cause additional compensation

  3. A class might be substituted by another instructor in this pay period after the payroll is run which would not reflect in the payroll and cause additional compensation to the original instructor and the substitute instructor will not be compensated

Hence, to avoid the above this and give an accurate payroll, you will only be able to run the payroll after the set pay period is completed.

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