In Bookee, the customer's email id is considered a unique identifier against which the data will be mapped.

While migrating the customer data from your existing software to Bookee, if any of the customers have multiple profiles with the same email id, we will be bringing one customer record with that email id and for other profiles with the same email id, we will be adding a +duplicate in the email address.


Let's say there are 3 customer profiles with the same email i.e.,

We will be bringing them to Bookee as shown below:

We will do a check if any of the profiles have active memberships or bookings we will not add the +duplicate to that profile, we will be adding +duplicate it to the other 2 profiles.




In this article, we will be showing you how to edit the email id of a customer in case the active customer data is mapped to a customer with a duplicate email id

How to edit customer email id

If a customer reaches out to you that they are not able to see their membership details or upcoming bookings in their profile, you can follow the below steps:

  • Ask the customer for their name and email id they had in the old system

  • Click on the universal search icon and enter the email prefix which is before the @ symbol of the email

  • All the accounts matching the prefix will show up along with the duplicate accounts

  • First click on the customer account with the correct email id, you will be directed to the customer profile, click on the three dots below the customer name and select edit customer

  • Under the basic details of the customer, update the email id by adding a +duplicate(number) and save it

  • Use the universal search icon to search for the customer's duplicate accounts which have active membership or bookings and update the email id of that profile to the correct email and save it

Once you have updated the email id of the customer, you can inform the customer to reset their password from the customer app or website to access their profile

ℹ️ System will not allow multiple accounts with the same email id, ensure you have a unique email id for every profile.

While updating the duplicate email id of the customer with the correct one, make sure you change the email id in the original profile first

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