In Bookee, when you add a customer profile, they will first be created as a lead and once they make a purchase they will be moved to the contact list

In this article, we will show you how to add a customer

To add a customer profile, navigate to Contacts > Customer and click on Add Customer

Enter the basic details of the customer

  1. Email: (This is a mandatory field)

    1. Enter the email id of the customer

    2. If a customer profile already exists in the system with the email id mentioned, The existing profile will show up below

    3. Email address is a unique identifier in the system for the customer, The system will not allow you to create more than one guest with the same email id

  2. Phone Number:

    1. Select the country code from the dropdown and enter the phone number of the customer

  3. First name & Last name: (This is a mandatory field)

    1. Enter the name of the customer

  4. Gender:

    1. Select the gender from the dropdown,

    2. If the customer does not prefer to share the gender you can select rather not say from the drop-down options

  5. Date of Birth:

    1. Enter the date of birth of the customer

  6. Address, City, State & Zip Code::

    1. Enter the address of the customer

  7. Country:

    1. Select the country of the customer

  8. Upload Image:

    1. Take and image/Upload an image of the customer that you want to show up in the customer profile

Once you entered the basic details click on Add customer

The customer will be added to the system and it will direct you to the POS page, where you can sell the customer a trial pack or any other pack they want to purchase

If the customer has not made any purchase their profile will show up under Contacts > Leads

Once they make a purchase the customer will automatically be moved from Lead to Customer

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