When a customer has an active membership and they are trying to book a class online, If they can't see the membership plan under payment method to book for the class then it could be because of the following reason:

When you are creating a class schedule, In the pricing option if you have selected Credits only > Selected packs and plans and the membership plan/pack the customer has must have not been selected for the class they are trying to book

This could have happened due to any of the below reasons:

  • The membership plan credits are not applicable for that class

  • Staff could have missed checking this membership plan while setting up the class schedule

  • The membership plan must have been created after the class schedule was created and the staff might have missed enabling this membership in the class schedule

To enable this membership to be used to book the class you can follow the below steps:

  • Be at the location and navigate to the Manage > Services > Class schedule > Edit

  • Under Pricing > Selected plans and packs, check the membership plan and click on save changes

The customer will then be able to use the membership credits to book for the class

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