When we refund a payment made with a gift card the amount will be added back to the gift card and the customer gift card balance will automatically be updated.

To refund a gift card payment you can follow the below steps:

  • Go to the customer profile and click on the payments tab

  • Under order click on the order, you want to refund

  • When the order page opens up click on refund items

  • Click on the check box beside the item you want to refund and click on refund

  • Under refund amount select the payment mode as gift card and enter the amount you want to refund then click on refund

  • The system will direct you to confirm the refund. Click on confirm

  • The amount will be refunded and you can click on done

The refund will be completed and the amount will be credited back to the gift card

👉 Updated gift card balance in the customers profile

ℹī¸ You can only refund the items that back to the gift card if they are purchased using a gift card

🚨 If a customer paid for an order using both a gift card and a credit card, you can only refund the amount used from the gift card back to the gift card

For every order, a refund can be made only to one payment method, if you refund the gift card first you won't be able to make another refund back to the card

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