In Bookee, you will be able to create two types of gift cards, that is a single-use gift card and a multi-use gift card

For a single-use gift card the balance will not be carried forward, so this encourages the customer to use the gift card to purchase an item that is greater than or equal to the value of the gift card

For a multi-use gift card, the balance will be carried forward and the customers will be able to use the balance of the gift card to make a purchase at their convenience

In this article, we will be showing you how to create a gift card

To create a gift card you can follow the below steps:

Be at the location and Navigate to Manage > Services > Gift card

Click on Create gift card

Enter the below details:

  • Title: Enter the name of the gift card, The gift card will show up with this name in the customer app and website for the customers to purchase

  • Value: Enter the value of the gift card

  • Visibility: Enable this option if you want the gift card to show up on the customer app and website for the customers to purchase

  • Redemptions: Select if this gift card can be used multiple times or if it has to be redeemed at once

Click on create gift card and the gift card will be created in the system

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