When you set up your business email on Bookee, all the notifications that customers receive will be sent from your business email id and when a customer replies to that email, it will be sent to the email id you have mentioned in the business email setting.

To set up the business email you can follow the below steps:

Be at the location and navigate to the Settings > Communication Settings > Email

Under Business Emails, click on the edit icon

Enter the below details:

  • From email: Enter the email id from which you want the notification to go. All the notifications you send out from Bookee will go from this email id

  • Reply to: Enter the email id where you want to track the customer replies. When a customer replies to any of the emails sent from Bookee, it will be sent to the email id you have entered here.

  • From name: Enter the name of the business that you want the customers to see in their inbox when they receive an email from Bookee

🚨 In order to set up the 'from email' you need to authenticate your domain.

If you want to authenticate your domain you can reach out to us via the chat icon on your screen 👉

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