In Bookee, you can automate notifications for every action that a customer performs. Every action is a trigger in the Bookee system. You can set up automatic email, SMS or push notifications based on these triggers.

They are 50 different notification triggers in Bookee which you can use to communicate with your customers. These triggers are classified into 6 different categories called trigger groups, which we have listed below:

  1. Appointment

  2. Class

  3. Sale

  4. Customer

  5. Memberships

  6. Subscriptions

Personalize Notifications

Notifications are sent individually to every customer therefore they can run 24/7 without any intervention. We have a preset templet for all the notifications which are personalized using tags.

You can modify the message as per your need while creating the notification.

How to use notifications to connect better with your customers?

Automated notifications help you offer a consistent and high-quality customer experience.

Customers can reply to the email notification that you send. You can also customize the email from which you want to send the notifications and receive replies.

To know more on how to customize the email you can refer to the below article

How to set up a business email?

In this article, we will show you the different kinds of notifications you can create to notify the customer through their journey

Scenario (trigger)


New sign up


New sign up (via website/app)

New lead added (by staff)

Use this trigger to send a welcome message and inform the customer regarding the services your studio offers and what a new customer journey would be like

First purchase of customer


Lead converted to customer (first purchase)

Use this trigger to send a thank you message along with the instructions on how they can sign up for the upcoming classes

You can also let the customer know about your booking policy in this notification

First booking of customer


Customer booked first class (via website/app)

Use this trigger to send special instructions for first-time customers

Like when they should arrive for the class, items they need to carry with them etc.,

Subsequent Bookings

Class & Appointment:

Customer booked (via website/app)

Customer booked (by staff)

Use this trigger to send a booking confirmation message along with the details of the class/appointment they booked for

Booking cancellation

Class & Appointment:

Booking cancelled (by staff)

Booking cancelled by customer (All cancellation)

Appointment cancelled by staff

Appointment cancelled by customer (All cancellation)

Use this trigger to confirm the booking cancellation and to know the reason for their cancellation

Late cancellation

Class & Appointment:

Class booking cancelled by customer (Late cancellation)

Appointment cancelled by customer (Late cancellation)

Use this trigger to inform the customers about the late cancellation charges

Class reminder

Class & Appointment:

Class starting reminder

Online class starting reminder

Appointment starting reminder

Use this trigger to remind customers regarding their upcoming class to ensure they do not miss the class.

For online classes, you can share the event link in this notification

Class not attended

Class & Appointment:

Class missed by customer

Appointment missed by customer

Use this trigger to know why the customer was not able to make it to the class and to inform them regarding the no show charges

You can include the free cancellation window and request customers to cancel the class beforehand to avoid the no show charges and so that other customers can book for this class

New sale


New sale (via POS)

New sale (via website or app)

Use this trigger to send a sale confirmation message along with the invoice



Refund initiated

Use this trigger to notify the customers when a refund is initiated

You can also add the refund amount to this notification

Membership expiry reminder


Membership expiring reminder

Use this trigger to inform the customers when membership is going to expire and encourage them to renew their membership plan

Credits exhausted


Membership credits exhausted

Use this trigger to notify the customers when the credits in the membership are exhausted so that they can purchase a new membership plan

Subscription upcoming billing date


Subscription renewal reminder

Use this trigger to inform customers about their next billing date, so that they can reach out to you in case they want to cancel the subscription or upgrade to a new subscription

Subscription pause and resume


Subscription paused

Subscription renewed

Use this trigger to inform the customer when their subscription is paused and resumed so that the customer can reach out to you if they want to extend the pause

You can also use this notification to remind customers when their subscription is resumed so they can start booking classes

These are some of the examples of the triggers we have.

In case you do not find a trigger you are looking for please reach out to us via the chat icon on your screen and we will be happy to add it to the system 👉

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