In order for the videos to be visible to the customers from the customer app and website, you will have to add them to a playlist.

To create a playlist you can follow below steps:

Navigate to Manage > Services > Video on demand

Click on create playlist

When create playlist page opens up, you can enter the below details:

1. Enter playlist details

  • Playlist name: Enter the name of the playlist

  • Category: Select the service category this playlist falls under

  • Enter description: The full description you enter in this field will show up in the customer app and website when the customer click on this playlist

  • Publication status: Select if you want this playlist to be visible to customers or not

2. Video playlist

Select the videos you want to add to this playlist

  • Click on Add video

  • Select the videos you want to add to this playlist and click on the add video

  • Free to watch: If any of the videos in this playlist are free to watch you can click on free to watch besides the video

ℹ️ Only the videos uploaded to Bookee will be visible in this section

3. Playlist pricing

  • Pricing: Select if customers can access this playlist free of cost or only if they have a membership

  • If free: Select if they have to log in to access videos or not

  • If Membership based access: Select if the customers can access this playlist with all membership plans or only selected membership plans

    • For selected membership: click on the membership that will have access to this playlist

Click on create playlist and the playlist will be created and in an active state

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