To create a playlist with a video collection and to share with your customers you will first have to add videos to the system.

In this article, we will be showing you

  1. How to add a video to Bookee

  2. How to add video information

1. How to add a video to Bookee

To add a video to Bookee, you can follow the below steps:

Be at the location, navigate to Manage > Services > Video on demand

  • Click on upload video

  • Click on browse to select the video you want to upload and click on open

  • The video will be uploaded, once it is uploaded to 100%, you and close the upload video pop up

The video will be added to the system and you will be able to see the uploaded video under the videos

ℹ️ The maximum size of the video you are uploading can be up to 2 Mb

2. How to add video information

Once you added the video, click on the Edit option under the video to update the video information

You can update the below details:

  • Video title: Enter the name of the video

  • Upload image: You can add an image for this video that will show up on the website and customer app

  • Category: Select the service category this video falls under

  • Description: Enter the description of the video. The full description you enter here will show up on the website when the customer clicks on this video

  • Instructors: Select the instructors in the video

  • Level: Select the level of this video if it is for beginners, intermediate, advanced or all levels

Once you entered the required information, click on save changes. The video information will get updated

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