When push notifications are enabled, Customer will get notified on their phone through the customer app.

To add a push notification you can navigate to Manage > Services > Notifications and click on New notification

Enter the below details for the notification:

1. Name and event

  • Name: Enter the name of the notification

  • Trigger group: Select the trigger group for which you want to create a notification

  • Trigger: Select the trigger for the action you want to send the notification

  • Send after: Enter when you want the notification to be sent out once the action is performed

  • Send to: Select if you want this notification to go out to customers or staff members

2. Channel

  • Channel: Select the channel as push notification

3. Message

  • Enter the message you want to send to the customers

  • For push notifications, you can use tags to make the message more personalised to the customer receiving it. You can click on the tags you want to use and it will be added to the message

  • Test message: you can send yourself a test email to check how the notification will look like before enabling it

4. Do not deliver window

  • You can update the time during which you do not want to send the notification

The notification will be added and be in an active state

How will the notification show up on the customer end?

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