You can follow the below steps to book a recurring appointment for a customer:

Be at the location and navigate to the calendar and click on Add event

1. Adding event

  • Select event type as appointment

  • Under services, select the appointment service customer wants to book

  • Select the instructor with whom the customer wants to book the appointment

  • Select the appointment type as recurring

  • Under Repeat, select the frequency you want this appointment to be repeated, if it is daily or weekly

    • Daily - If you want the appointment to be created every alternate day then you update this setting as repeat daily, every 2 days

    • Weekly - If you want this appointment to be booked on Monday, Thursday and Friday of every week then you can update the setting as repeat weekly every 1 week

  • Enter the start date from when you want the appointment schedule to start

  • Under ends, select if you want the recurring appointments to end after a certain occurrence or on a certain date

  • Enter the appointment start time

  • If you have selected repeat weekly then select the days of the week you want this appointment to be booked

  • Click on create schedule

👉 Add event

2. Select time slot

  • Based on the repeat frequency and the end date or occurrences given, the system will direct you to the time slots this appointment will be booked, if there are any conflicting classes or appointments for the instructor against the time you have entered it will show those in red

  • You can click on the time slot you want to add this appointment and proceed to add customer

👉 Select time slot

3. Add customer details

  • Enter the customer name, email or phone number and select the customer from the dropdown

  • Select the pack the customer wants to use to book this appointment and click on book using credits

👉 Add customer details

The appointment will be booked for the customer on the calendar and will show up under their bookings

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