The appointment feature in Bookee will help you streamline your appointment booking process.

To get started with appointments you can create an appointment service and assign it to staff members, post which you will be able to book appointments directly from the CRM calendar.

You can also enable the appointment service to show up on the customer app and website where the customer can directly book appointments based on the staff availability.

In this article, we will be covering

  1. Prerequisites for appointment services

  2. Adding appointment services

  3. Setting up staff availability

  4. Booking appointments for customers

1. Prerequisites for appointment services

Before you create the appointment service, you will have to add the below items in the system, post which you will be able to select them for the appointment service

✔️ Service category

You can add the service category under Settings > Bookings > General > Service


✔️ Facility

You can add the facility under Manage > Services > Facility

✔️ Staff

You can add staff under Manage > Staff > Add Staff

2. Adding an appointment service

To add an appointment service, navigate to Manage > Services > Appointment services > Add service

2.1 Enter the basic details of the appointment service

  • Service name: Enter the name of the appointment service

  • Category: Select the service category this appointment falls under from the dropdown

  • Description: Enter the appointment description. This will show up on the website and the customer app when the customer views the appointment information

  • Online appointment:

    • Turn this setting on if it is a virtual appointment

    • Once the appointment service is created you will not be able to change this setting

  • Facility: Select the location of this appointment from the dropdown

  • Instructor: Select the instructor who can be booked for this appointment

  • Color: Select the color you want this appointment to show up on the calendar

  • Duration: Select the duration of this appointment from the dropdown

2.2 Setting up advanced settings

  • Cancellation and no-show policy: Select the cancellation and no show policy applicable for this appointment from the dropdown

  • Visible to customers: Turn this option on if you want the customers to book the appointment from the website or customer app

  • Featured appointment: Turn this option on if you want this appointment service to show up as a featured appointment on the customer app

2.3 Setting up price

  • Payment Method: Select if this appointment is free or if it can be booked only using credits

  • Can be booked using:

    • Select if this appointment can be booked using all memberships or only using selected memberships

    • If you checked on selected memberships, check on the membership that can be used to book this appointment

3. Setting up staff availability

You will be able to set up the staff availability in the staff profile under the working hours.

Once you set the working hours of the staff, customers will only be able to book an appointment against the available slots of the instructor

If the instructor has any classes or appointments scheduled for the day, these slots will not show up at the customer end when they are trying to book the appointment from the website or customer app

To set up staff working hours you can refer to the below article

How to set working hours for a staff

4. How to book an appointment on CRM?

You can follow the below steps to book an appointment for a customer:

Be at the location and navigate to the calendar and click on Add event

4.1 Add event

  • Select event type as appointment

  • Under services, select the appointment service customer wants to book

  • Select the instructor with whom the customer wants to book the appointment

  • Select the appointment type as single

  • Select the date you want to book this appointment from the start date

  • Enter the appointment start time

  • Click on create schedule

4.2 Select time slot

  • The system will then direct you to the time slots, if there are any conflicting classes or appointments for the instructor against the time you have entered the system will notify you

  • You can click on the time slot and proceed to add customer

4.3 Select customer

  • Enter the customer name, email or phone number and select the customer from the dropdown

  • Select the pack the customer wants to use to book this appointment and click on book using credits

ℹ️ If you do not see any membership plan after you selected a customer, Then the customer does not have a plan/pack that offers booking credits for appointments

You can sell them a plan/pack that offers appointment booking credits post which you will be able to add an appointment for them

The appointment will be booked for the customer

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