Below are the differences listed for classes and courses/workshops:


Courses & Workshops


Classes are ongoing events, where the customers can book themselves into any class instance

A course or a workshop is a pre-time defined event (with a set start and end date) that includes a number of instances in the course.


Customers can book themselves to any class instance by using their membership credits

Course/workshop can be purchased by paying a one-time fee that lets them attend all the classes listed in the course/workshop

Booking cancellation

Cancelling a customer booking from a class instance will only remove them from that class instance

Cancelling a customer from a course instance will remove them from all the upcoming course instances

Deleting a slot from schedule

Deleting a class slot from the class schedule will remove all the upcoming slots from the calendar.

If there are any bookings for a class instance in the deleted slot they will be detached from the class schedule and still show up in the calendar as detached events

Deleting a slot from the course/workshop schedule will delete all the instances in that slot along with the bookings

Adding a new slot in the schedule

Creating a new slot in the class schedule will add a new slot for that class on the calendar which will be open for customers to book

Creating a new slot for a course/workshop will add a new course instance on the calendar and the customers who have purchased this course/workshop will be automatically added to that slot

Adding a one-off event

Creating a one-off event using an existing class schedule will show up as a new class instance on the calendar which will be open for the customers to book

Creating a one-off event for an existing course/workshop will automatically add the customers who have purchased that course/workshop into the event

Cancellation and no-show charges

You will be able to update the cancellation and no show policy while creating a class schedule

Not applicable for courses & workshops

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