Once a customer receives a gift card they can use the gift card code to make a purchase either online or at the studio. If you have multiple locations customers will be able to redeem the gift card at any location.

Gift cards can be used to purchase any item except for a subscription plan.

To redeem a gift card from CRM POS, you can follow the below steps:

  • Be at any location and navigate to POS

  • Enter the customer details and click on the items the customer wants to purchase

  • Proceed to payment by clicking on charge

  • Select the payment type as redeem gift card, enter the gift card code and click on redeem, then click on complete payment

    • If the sale amount is less than the gift card balance, the system will show the remaining gift card balance once you click on redeem

    • If the sale amount is higher than the gift card balance, for the remaining amount select the payment method the customer wants to pay with

The sale will be complete and if there is a balance in the gift card it will be updated against that gift card and will show up in the customer's profile.

🚨 If a gift card is not used any customer with the gift card code will be able to redeem it. Once the gift card is used it cannot be redeemed by any other customer

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