To refund a payment you can follow the below steps:

  • Be at the location you made the sale, go to the customer profile

  • In the customer profile navigate to the payments page

  • Under order click on the order, you want to refund

  • When the order page opens up click on refund items

  • Click on the check box beside the item you want to refund and click on refund

  • Under refund amount select the payment mode and enter the amount you want to refund then click on refund

  • The system will direct you to confirm the refund. Click on confirm

  • The amount will be refunded and you can click on done

  • The refund will be completed and the order will be updated

ℹ️ By default, the system will show the customer's payment type used to pay for this order under the refund amount. If it was a card payment then the refund will be processed back to the card

ℹ️ If you refund a payment made for a membership, the membership will still be active. To cancel it you will have to cancel or expire the membership separately from the customer profile

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