Once a subscription plan is created in Bookee, you will not be able to update the price of the plan.

If you want to change the price of the subscription plan, you can follow below steps:

  • Disable the visible to customer setting

    • Once you disable this check for the subscription plan, It will no longer be visible on the website and the app for the customers to purchase

  • Change the name of the existing subscription plan

    • You can update the name by adding a suffix called old, this is because we will be creating another plan with the same name and updated price and the system will not allow 2 subscription plans with the same name

  • Create a new subscription plan with the same name and updated price

The subscription plan will be created with the updated price.

Going forward, all the new and existing customers will be able to purchase the subscription plan with the updated price directly from the app or website.

ℹ️ Existing customers who have an active subscription will be auto charged the old price till all their subscription cycles are completed

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