Auto submit attendance will automatically submit attendance for a class instance based upon the auto-submit window entered under this setting

Once the attendance is submitted the class instance will be locked and the status of the customer will be updated to attended or missed and a no show penalty will be applied if it is enabled.

Once the class instance is locked we will not be able to make any changes to the customer booking status

For example:

Let's say you have entered Auto-submit attendance 2 hours after the class start time.

For a class instance that starts at 9 am then the attendance will be auto-submitted at 11 am

To set up auto-submit attendance you can follow the below steps:

👉 Navigate to Settings and under general settings click on Bookings

👉 Under Booking, click on the Classes tab

👉 Under Auto-submit attendance > Enter the auto-submit window for the class

If the staff does not click on submit attendance from the CRM or business app after they take the attendance, based on the auto-submit window entered the attendance will be submitted and the class will be closed for changes

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