If you want to make a one time change to a class instance you will be able to do it from the calendar page of the business CRM

To make changes to a class instance you can follow the below steps:

👉 Go to the calendar and click on the class instance you want to update

👉 Click on Edit class

👉 Make the changes to the class instance and click on Update event

ℹī¸ What changes will you be able to make to a class instance?

You will be able to make the below changes for a class instance

  • Change the name of the class instance

  • Edit the start and end time

  • Update the description of the class

  • Add a substitute instructor in case the original instructor won't be able to take the class

  • Increase or decrease the class size

  • Change the class level

  • Change visible to customer setting

👉 The changes will be applied to the class instance

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