In this article, we will be taking you through

  1. Setting up online appointments

  2. Add link manually

  3. Zoom meeting (automatic)

1. Setting up online appointments

You will be able to set up online appointments under services when you are creating the Appointment Services

To create an online appointment, when you are setting up the service enable the online appointment check under basic details and select one of the below options for the link

  • Add link manually: Select this option if you want to manually add the link to the appointments

  • Zoom meeting (automatic): Select this option if you want the system to auto-generate the links.

🚨 Once the service is created you will not be able to change the link type. To change this option you will have to delete the event and create it again

ℹī¸ For the zoom meeting link to be autogenerated you will have to have a paid zoom account and integrate it with Bookee before you create the event

To know more about how to integrate your zoom account with Bookee click here

ℹī¸ When you select Zoom meeting (automatic) you will only be able to select the instructors whose profile is linked to the zoom account in the system

⚙ī¸ Appointment Services

2. Add Link Manually

When you select this option, you will have to manually add the meeting link to the appointment instance.

You can add the meeting link by following the below steps:

  • First, create a meeting for this appointment on your live screening platform and copy the meeting link

  • On the calendar, go to the appointment instance you want to add the link and click on Add link manually

  • Under the Event link, paste the meeting link and click on Save link

The meeting link will now be updated

3. Zoom meeting (automatic)

When you select this option the zoom meeting link will automatically be created 24 hours before the appointment starts

In a case where the appointment start time is less than 24 hours and a zoom link is not auto-generated

Or if you deleted the auto-generated link to replace it with another link

you will be able to see the below option for that appointment instance

  • Add link manually

  • Generate zoom link

Options when the zoom link is not auto-generated:

👉 Add link Manually:

You can create a meeting in your zoom account and add the link to the event by clicking on Add link manually

👉 Generate zoom link:

When you click on this option a zoom meeting will automatically be created in the instructor's account and will show up for the event

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