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  1. How to create a subscription plan

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1. Creating a subscription plan

To create a subscription plan you can follow the below steps:

πŸ‘‰ Be at the location, navigate to Services > Memberships > The Manage Memberships page opens

πŸ‘‰ Click on Create Plan > Create Membership page opens up

πŸ‘‰ Enter the basic details of the membership plan

  • Event type: Select Membership Plan

  • Payment type: Select Subscription(autopay)

  • Create for: Select if it is applicable only for this location or across the region

  • Plan Name: Enter the name of the membership plan

  • Membership group: Select the group that this membership falls under

    • If you want to add a new group select 'add new group' from the dropdown, enter the group name and click on create

  • Description: Enter the description of the membership (this shows up on the website and customer app)

πŸ‘‰ Update the Expiry and the credit information:

  • Expiry date: You can select the validity of the membership if it is a monthly membership or a weekly membership

  • Booking credits: Enable this check if this membership offers booking credits.

  • Applicable Service Type: Select if the membership is valid for classes or appointments or both.

  • Credits: Select if this membership plan has unlimited credits or fixed credits. If you selected fixed credits, enter the number of credits you offer with this plan

πŸ‘‰ Enter the advanced settings:

  • Visible to customer: Enable this option if you want this membership to show up on the website/customer app

  • Shared Membership: Enable this option if you want to allow the membership to be shared amongst more than one client and enter the number of customers that can share the membership.

  • Credit Rollover: Enable this option if you want to allow unused credits to be carried forward to the next cycle. If you are enabling this option, then enter the number of credits you want to allot to be carried forward.

  • Book ahead of expiry:

    • Select an option if you want to allow the customer to book into classes ahead of the membership expiry date or not.

    • If you allow the customers to book then enter the number of days they can book ahead

    • For a subscription plan if this setting is enabled it will allow customers to use the remaining credits to book ahead of each subscription cycle end date based on the days mentioned in this setting

πŸ‘‰ Enter the price details:

  • Price: Enter the price of this membership plan.

  • Maximum cycles:

    • Enter the period for which you want to auto-charge the customers

    • The expiry date you have mentioned will be one cycle of the membership and based on the maximum cycles you have mentioned the customers will be auto-charged for this membership

  • Minimum cycles:

    • Enable this option and enter the minimum cycles the customer has to complete before cancelling the membership

  • Charge on 1st of the month:

    • Select if you want this membership to be charged on the 1st of every month

    • If you select this option and the customer purchases this membership on the 20th of the month. For that month the membership price will be prorated based on the remaining time of that month. On the next billing date i.e., 1st of next month they will be charged the full price of the membership

    • This option is only applicable for a monthly subscription

2. Sample subscription plan

Let's see how to create a Monthly unlimited membership priced $120/month which is valid for a year

πŸ‘‰ Update basic details of the membership

  • Select event type as Membership Pack and payment type as Subscription (autopay)

  • Select if the subscription is valid only for this Location or for the Region in the β€˜create for’ field

  • Enter the name, description of the subscription plan and select the group this membership falls under

πŸ‘‰ Update the expiry and credit information

  • Enter the Expiry Date as 1 Month

  • Enable the check for Booking Credits as the membership has unlimited classes as part of its benefits

  • Select credit type as Unlimited

  • Under Advanced settings select if you want the customer to purchase this membership online

  • Select an option if you want to allow customers to book ahead of the membership expiry date or not

πŸ‘‰ Update the pricing details

  • Enter the price as $120 per month

  • Enter the maximum cycles as 12 so that the membership can be auto-renewed for a year

  • If applicable enable the minimum cycle and charge on the 1st of the month check

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