Bookee Membership module lets you create different types of packs/plans tailored to your requirements.

You can design your memberships in various ways. For instance, you might offer a membership that gives the customers 10 credits that they can take at any time in a month or annual membership with unlimited credits. You can also create a trial membership in Bookee where the customer can first try and then decide what membership they want to go with.

Bookee also allows you to set up a membership that can be accessed across the locations that fall under one region instead of creating the same membership at each location. You can also restrict the classes/appointments for members only to encourage the sales of the memberships.

At a high level, memberships in Bookee are of two types:

  • Recurring memberships: This type of membership plan is where the guests sign up for a plan in which they pay at regular intervals.

  • Nonrecurring memberships: This type of membership plan is limited to a specified duration and the payment is collected at one go.


First, let us understand what the below terms in Bookee mean:

  • Subscription plan & Membership packs: When the membership and plans are created in the system they are called either subscription plans or membership packs

  • Subscription and Memberships: When the subscription plans or membership packs are sold to the customer they are called subscriptions or memberships

Types of membership plans in Bookee

Below are the different types of memberships you can create in Bookee:

Subscription plan

A subscription is a recurring membership with a pre-defined validity, monthly, quarterly, annually. This means that members who purchase this membership must add a payment method to their profile when purchasing it so that future payments are charged automatically on the renewal date. Subscriptions are great for automatically collecting payments from members who repeatedly purchase your memberships. When you enable recurring payments for a member, the member is then considered as having a ‘Subscription’ with your gym or studio.

Credit pack

A credit pack is a one-time membership valid for daily, weekly, monthly time frames where the customers can pay at once and avail the credits. The number of credits in a credit pack is defined by the studio if it is has fixed credits or unlimited credits. With credit packs, you will also have an option to select when the validity starts i.e., at the time of purchase or first use or first visit of the customer.

You will also be able to create a trial membership from the credit pack.

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