To download the Bookee common customer application you can follow the below steps:

👉 Go to the App Store/Google Play and click on the below links to download the customer app

👉 Once the app is downloaded, open it and search the name of the studio you want to access > Click on the location (Select the location of choice if it is a multi-location business)

👉 You will be directed to the pricing page, to log in you can click on Profile

👉 If you are a first time customer, click on Sign up. Otherwise, click on log in and enter your credentials

ℹī¸ By default whenever you log in you will be directed to the studio you last searched for, in case you want to access a different studio, go to profile and click on return to studio search

ℹī¸ The links mentioned above are for Bookee common customer app, In case the studio has a standalone app the links to the apps will be shared separately

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