In this article, we will be covering the below topics

  1. Prerequisites for zoom integration

  2. Scheduling privileges

  3. Integrating zoom account in Bookee

1. Prerequisites for zoom integration

✔ī¸ Ensure that you have a paid zoom account

✔ī¸ If you have multiple zoom accounts for your staff, you will have to add them to the admin account of the organization

To add users you can refer to the below articles:

Your staff accounts will now be linked to your organization account

2. Scheduling privileges

To be able to auto-generate zoom links, the user accounts have to give the schedule privilege rights to the admin account.

To give schedule privileges to the admin account you can refer to the below article

Or once the user has logged into their account they can follow the below steps to give scheduling privileges to the admin account:

  1. Go to Settings > Select Other

  2. Scroll to the bottom > You will see Schedule Privilege

  3. Click on the + button beside Assign scheduling privileges to

  4. Enter the admin email and click on Assign

The scheduling privileges will now be given to the admin account

3. Integrating Zoom account in Bookee

To integrate your zoom account to Bookee you can follow the below steps:

👉 Be at the location, navigate to Apps > Zoom

👉 You will now see a pop up > Click on Install now

👉 You will be directed to your zoom login page > Enter the username and password of the organization's admin account > Sign in

👉 You will now see a pop-up where you can link the users in your master zoom account to the staff in Bookee

ℹī¸ Only the email Ids of the users in your master account will show up under the zoom meeting host account. If multiple staff members use a single zoom account. Against the staff name, you can update the email id of the zoom users account they use

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