A one-off class instance can be created if it is a one-time class that does not repeat and is with a different instructor

In this article we will be showing you how to create a one-off class instance:

Creating a class schedule for the one-off class instance

If you are trying to create a one-off class with a different instructor you will have to create a new class schedule

To create a class schedule, navigate to Manage > Services > Class Schedule > Create Class

  1. Create a new class schedule with the same name as the class you are adding this one-off class instance for. Add a suffix called one-off to identify while adding an event > Choose the instructor of choice

  2. As it is a one-time class under advanced settings enter the same start date and end date (to avoid adding schedule to the calendar)

  3. Set the schedule for any 1 day other than the day you are booking the one-off class and save changes

The one-off class schedule will be created

Adding one-off class instance

Once you created the class schedule, to add the one-off class instance navigate back to Calendar > Add Event

  1. Select Class > Name of the Class from the dropdown > Select Instructor > Select Facility > Start Date > Time > Add Class

The one-off class instance will now be added

Replacing the one-off class with the original class

To remove the original class and replace it with the one-off class you can follow the below steps

  1. Click on the original class > Delete class

  2. If you want to replace the one-off class with the original class > Click on the one-off class > Edit Class > Change the name of the class > Update class timings > Update event

The one-off class instance will now replace the previous class

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