What would happen if you decrease the size of the class with bookings?

When we update the size of the class under the class schedule, the updated class size would be reflecting across all the future classes. However, there would be an exception in case there are any bookings. Let's say initially, the class size was 10 and you have updated it to 5. If any of the future classes in that schedule have more than 5 bookings that particular class size will not be updated to 5. For that class, the size of the class will be updated to the number of booking in it. (If the class had 6 bookings then the class size would appear as 6 instead of 5)

Example -

Setting up schedule

To set up the schedule navigate to, Manage > Services > Class Schedule > Create Class

In the class schedule, we have added a schedule set up for Pilates with the size of the class as 10 from May 26th to June 26th

Class bookings

For the class on May 27th, 6 slots have been filled

Update class size

We have updated the size of the Pilates class schedule from 10 to 5

Path - Manage > Services > Class Schedule > Click on Edit beside class name > Updated Class size to 5 > Save Changes

Changes in the calendar schedule

Once the class schedule has been updated navigate back to the calendar page. In the calendar, you can see that the class size for the pilates class has been updated to 5. Except for the class on May 27th where there were 6 bookings. For that particular class, the class size has been updated as 6 as there were 6 booking

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