Ever wondered what would happen when you delete a class with bookings while updating the class schedule?

In this article, we will be showing you what would happen to the class with bookings when you update the schedule.

When we add an end date to a class schedule and if there are any classes after the end date with active booking those classes will not be deleted, only the classes where there are no bookings will be deleted from the schedule. If you want to delete the class with bookings, you will be able to do that manually from the schedule.

Example -

Scenario -

Let's say a class called Full Body Pump is scheduled from Monday, May 24th to June 6th and you want to update the class schedule to end on May 27th but the class on May 28th is fully booked

Solution -

Step 1 - Update the schedule

To update the schedule be at the center level, Navigate to Manage > Services > Class Schedules

  1. From the list of classes, select the Edit option beside the Full Body Pump class by the instructor Michelle O

  2. Under Advanced Settings, you will be able to add the end date to the schedule

    1. Expand the Advanced Settings > Enable the End Date option and select May 27th as the end date > Save Changes

    2. Once you click on save changes you will see a pop up with the options to either apply the changes to all class instances or only to unbooked class instances > Select an option > Click on Apply

The class schedule will now be updated

Note - Irrespective of the option you have selected above, if there are any classes post the end date with bookings those particular classes will not be deleted from the schedule

Step 2 - Check the schedule for the changes

Once you have made the changes to the class schedule, navigate back to the Schedule Module to see how the changes are being reflected

Here you will be able to see that all the future classes after May 27th have been deleted except for the class on May 28th which had a booking

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