In this article, we will show you what would happen when you increase the size of the class where there are waitlisted bookings

To increase the class size you can follow the below steps -

Navigate to Schedule> Click on the Class you want to update > Edit Class > Update the Class Size > Update Event

The class size will now be updated.

What happens to the waitlisted appointments once you update the class size depends on the setting you have updated for the Waitlist.

Setting 1 - Inform Customers

If you have enabled the Inform customers setting when a slot is available all the customers on the waitlist will get an Email/Text/Push notification and the first customer to confirm on the slot by clicking the link will be booked for the class

Setting 2 - Automatically Book

If you have enabled the Automatically Book option then the customers in the waitlist will be added to the class automatically based on the order they have been added to the waitlist.

In the case where the class start time falls under the waitlist cutoff time, all the customers on the waitlist will be notified regarding the open slots. The customer can then confirm the slot by clicking on the link

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